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Ultrasonic surgical system

General surgery
Thyroidectomy, Thyroid lobectomy, Resection of spleen , Appendectomy , Resection of carcinoma colorectal, Haemorrhoidectomy.
Resection of carcinoma adrenal
Hirschsprung radical surgery

Product Description

Product features

1. Generator with smarter computerized algorithm, more stable power output.

2. The display shows the system failure directly without querying code.

3. Hand piece without use restriction.

4. The cable of hand piece can be removed, easy to clean and sterilize.

5. Versatility: applied in separating, grasping, cutting and coagulating without replacing instruments.

6. The heat injury around the tissue is very small (less than 1mm), which enhance safety.

7. Special coating to prevent tissue adhesion and increase the service life of the ultrasonic scalpel (or ultrasonic shear).


Ultrasonic surgical system

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