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Disposable fascial closure system

All kinds of puncture devices have the possibility of incision hernia of puncture holes. Therefore, the puncture holes of 8mm and above, the puncture holes enlarged during the operation, the high obesity body mass index, and the puncture holes of 5mm in pediatric surgery need to be closed. Fascia occluder came into being.

Product Description

It is suitable for gastrointestinal surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, colorectal surgery, Urology, gynecology, etc.


1. Closed perforation line, more smooth winding.

2. Unique thread clamping design, two rows of lining thread buttons, more convenient suture arrangement and not easy to fall off.

3. Triangular support, more stable, larger operation space, triangular fixed pull wire frame, ensuring orderly and consistent suture incision, providing strong support and protection, and fast and efficient suture of wound.

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