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Disposable Single Port Trocars

The product is applied for general surgery, chest surgery, gynaecology, paediatrcs, urinary surgery, digestive surgery and etc.

Product Description

Product Description

Product characters:


  1. To creat smaller wound and speed up the surgical bed floating period.

  2. Reduce the risk of wound second infection.

  3. Reduce the sugical scar existence.

  4. Smaller the wound and reduce the trocar holes in order to fast the recovery period.

  5. Reduce the bleeding during the surgery in order to easy the pain after surgery.


Type Model Small tube Big tube Outer diameter Inner diameter
A KHDT-60/70-A 6.6 16 70 60
KHDT-80/90-A 90 80
B KHDT-I-B 6 14 70 60
KHDT-II-B 90 80


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