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Disposable Hemorrhoids Stapler and Accessories

Be applicable for the treatment of Class II to Class IV hemorhoid, ring-sharped prolapsed fistula and other hemorhoid.

Product Description

Product Description

Model External Diamter(mm) Internal Diamter (mm) Number of Staples

Staple Height


KHGCA-32×3.8 32 22 32 3.8
KHGCA-34×3.8 34 24 34
KHGCA-36×3.8 36 26 34
KHGCB-32×3.8 32 22 32
KHGCB-34×3.8 34 24 34
KHGCB-36×3.8 36 26 34



  1. Reasonable number of staples conduce to reduce postoperative bleeding.

  2. Imported titanium staples provides higher intensity and tensility.

  3. Integral shaping anvil to ensure the shape of staples.

  4. Larger volume of cartridge to contain more tissue.

  5. Normal anal cushions and mucosal bridge can be maintained, to keep a maximum subtle feeling and anal contraction, it is effective in preventing anastomotic stricture.

  6. Minimum gap between anvil and cartridge to avoid the damage to tissue caused by over pressure.


Be applicable for the treatment of Class II to Class IV hemorrhoid, ring-shaped prolapsed fistula, complex ring-shaped hernia, severe hernia prolapse, rectal prolapse, rectal mucosal prolapse, rectal polyp tumor.


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