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Disposable Curved Cutting Staplers and Reloads

Be applicable to divide, excise and anastomose the tissue in alimentary tract operations.

Product Description

Product Description


1. Imported titanium staples with higher intensity and tensility.

2. Integral shaping anvil to ensure the formation of staples.

3. Double staggered rows of staples to reduce haemorrhage.

4. Unique curved shape to have wide laparoscopic view of rectum in deep pelvis.

5. Simultaneous stapling and cutting, easily handling of device, reduced intraoperative pollution.


Key features and benefits:

--- Two-section suture, convenient to adjust the tissue

---Two double staggerde rows of titanium staples to deduce hemorrhage.

---Cut and suture simultaneously, enable a reliable transection of the rectum

Because of the easy handing of the device

---Tissue position pin to prevent overflow if tissue

---Unique curved shape to have wide laparoscopic view of the lower rectum in the deep pelvis .


 Code  O.D (mm) Staple Height (mm)
KHHQ-A45 40 45 4.8
KHHQ-B45 40 45 4.8


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