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Diposable Biopsy Forceps

Strong bite force,easily grasp the mucosal tissue with no risks of tearing and bleeding

Product Description

Product Description

 Unit: mm

Specifications Jaws outer diameter Working length Characteristics
KHFB A(B)-23-160-I/II/III/IV 2.3 1600 Without needle, PE coat
KHFB A(B)-23-180-I/II/III/IV 2.3 1800
KHFB A(B)-23-210-I/II/III/IV 2.3 2100
KHFB A(B)-23-230-I/II/III/IV 2.3 2300
KHFB A(B)-20-160-I/II/III/IV 2.0 1600
KHFB A(B)-20-180-I/II/III/IV 2.0 1800
KHFB A(B)-20-210-I/II/III/IV 2.0 2100
KHFB A(B)-20-230-I/II/III/IV 2.0 2300
KHFB A(B)-18-160-I/II/III/IV 1.8 1600
KHFB A(B)-18-180-I/II/III/IV 1.8 1800
KHFB A(B)-18-210-I/II/III/IV 1.8 2100
KHFB A(B)-18-230-I/II/III/IV 1.8 2300





1. Jaws are made from medical stainless steel with good biocompatibility.

2. The head is carefully polished so that less damage is made to endoscope channel.

3. Using four-rod rigid structure of excellent mechanical properties so as to fetch the foreign bodies accurately and firmly.

4. Optional ltra smooth plastic coating of spring effectively reduces the damage to endoscope channel.



The biopsy forceps are applicatable for obtainning tissue sample from upper and down digestive tract, respiratory tract, urinary system and female genital system for pathological analysis use.



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