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Recommend you our new type -Trocars

Apr. 02, 2020

Function and Purpose:

KHTC and KHCC disposable trocars consist of puncture cone and puncture pipe. Puncture pipe insist of sleeve, valve, sealing cap, puncture cone and etc.

1. The trocar is a medical instrument in laparoscope. Have the establishment of pneumoperitoneum then cut a notch 3-15mm in a suitable place. Through the skin incision, press down with the paKH at the top of the trocar, insert the trocar to skin incision, after the puncture outfit into the abdominal cavity, immediately remove the trocar, make a working channel, then insert the laparoscopic/instrument observation and operate the surgery.

2. Expected effect of the products: KHTC and KHCC disposable trocar is suitable for laparoscopic examination and operation process, establish a working channel for abdominal surgery.

3. Function: This product KHTC and KHCC disposable trocar (or a set), this product with one word piercing cone and closed system. This type can reduce the internal organization damaged when piercing cone inserted into. The thread design on outer pipe can provide good fixed force of abdominal wall. With threaded anti-skid on trocar shoulder can strengthen the puncture of controllable; the join the stitching holes can be used to prevent outside tube reinforced seams from the abdominal wall slippage.

A sealing cap, choke valve in disposable trocar airtight system should prevent gas leak equipment inserted or removed. 10 mm diameter one-time airtight system can accommodate between 5 mm - 10 mm in diameter instrument, a diameter of 12 mm disposable airtight system can accommodate between 5 mm and 12.9 mm in diameter instrument free access, it can effectively reduce the diameter of the choke valve, make sure no lack of pneumoperitoneum when the smaller diameter instrument insert.


1. Staples are compatible with skin tissue well, no rejection reaction;

2. Support different dimensions' staples, apply to stapling different skin wounds;

3. Much faster than suturing by hand, thus relieve operation workload, shorten operation time and decrease occurring of complication;

4. Small stapled wounds, avoid injuring skin tissue again, thus benefit wounds healing;

5. Staple beautifully, smoothly and accurately, healing scar is small and neat, when remove staples, no painful feeling;

6. Angled head of stapler provides clear view to ensure precise stapling.

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