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Fight against the COVID-19 outbreak, we are together

Apr. 02, 2020

Doing Our Part:(TIPS)

1. Wash your hands frequently and do good hand hygiene

2. Strengthen the ventilation and cleanliness of the living room.

3. Do not get together, reduce close contact with people, reduce gatherings and parties, and keep the per capita distance above a safe distance of one meter

4. Reduce travel to avoid crowded places

5. Wear masks, especially when using public transport, in crowded workplaces, and indoor public places

6. Pay attention to cough etiquette, cover with elbows or paper towels when sneezing or coughing

7. Enhance physical fitness and immunity

8. If you have symptoms of respiratory infections such as cough, runny nose, fever, etc., you should rest at home in isolation and seek medical attention as soon as the fever persists or symptoms worsen

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