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Apr. 02, 2020

Coopwin Med was founded in 2017, it has 17 production lines in the workshop. It is expected that the annual output value of endoscope equipment and accessories will reach 3 million dollars on 2020; the annual output value of minimally invasive surgical instruments and some general surgical instruments will reach 3 million dollars; the annual output value of urological instruments is 1 million dollars.

The development direction is endoscope equipment and accessories; minimally invasive surgical instruments; urological surgical instruments; rehabilitation equipment.

The featured products are minimally invasive surgical instruments and some general surgical instruments, abdominal trocars; abdominal closure stapler; single-hole multi-channel trocars; endoscopic linear cutting staplers, surgical stapler series, skin stapler, ultrasonic knife, etc. (Technical Support)

Urology instruments products include circumcision stapler; circumcision device; puncture drainage kit; posterior abdominal dilator and so on. (Technical Support)

We have a professional and streamlined production, R & D, technology, quality inspection and logistics team.

There are fifty-two production staffs, seven R & D staffs, six technical staffs, five quality inspection staffs and three logistics.

Each team member has professional relevant knowledge and is very familiar with the product and its operation.

The overall operation is stable and orderly, and orders that need to be delivered can be completed in batches.

And the first products have obtained CE certification, they are skin staplers, biopsy forceps, disposable trocars.

More follow-up products are also in the application for certification.


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