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Brief Introduction of Disposable Endoscopic Linear Cutting Staplers and Reloads

Apr. 02, 2020

The endoscopic linear cutting stapler and reloads, is a kind of device firing six rows of staggered staples in line arrangement into the tissues, and dividing the tissue into two halves. The device can cut and suture the tissues, instead of hand-operated sutures. The application of this device can save the operation time greatly, reduce the bleeding for patients, and decrease the difficulty of operation and improve the quality of operation. It's a single use device to avoid across infection.

This device is applicable to open or endoscopic surgery, lung and bronchial tissue and gastric and intestine tissues of digestive tract transection and anastomosis, resection. It should be based on the scope of application to select the appropriate stapler body and reloads.

And the features of our products are:

1. Knife inside the cartridge, Better incision effect and avoid cancer cell transfer

2. Space locking device, Make sure the staples to be formed consistently and good hemostasis result

3. Safety of empty cartridge, Prevent mis-operation of empty cartridge before firing

4. Much larger hatch, Convenient tissue placement and adjustment

5. Low profile anvil design, Convenient equipment placement, reduce tissue damage

6. 6 rows of compact ranged staples, Provide good hemostasia result

7. All reloads could be used in the same instrument, Reduce complicated operations, reduce patient costs

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